About Makers Garage

Current aftermarket products for the Fox Body Mustang are static. It’s all been done before, and these cars are begging for something new.

Makers Garage is infusing modern design with OEM standards to give new life to the Fox Body Mustang.

It’s not just a car.

It’s what makes you who you are. It’s your friends, your community, your identity… your life. We get that – cause we’re that way, too.

These aren’t just any old car parts. We’re designing these parts to the utmost perfection. Using his freakish design capabilities along with his experience in the automotive world, Jason Cummins is not just making bad ass car parts. He’s changing the perception of the Fox Body Mustang.

Jason Cummins

Jason Cummins is an industrial designer and former Ford car designer, with an extreme passion for the Foxbody Mustang.

His admiration began as a 10-year-old kid, reading Mustang Magazine and messing around in the garage with his first car, an ’86 Mustang. His obsession turned infatuation when he got his 1993 Cobra. The first six years of Jason’s adult life were spent as a mechanic and collision repair & body technician, working for various race shops, dealerships and body shops in the Baltimore, MD area.

But Jason’s obsession went beyond that. His fabrication abilities were only the beginning of his creative thinking. He knew that with his artistic abilities (the guy could freaking draw), he could bring a whole new perspective to the car industry through design.

So in 2007, he started at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, where he went through the intensely rigorous program to become a car designer. His design career began at Ford in 2011.

As his vision for design and business became stronger, Jason started reimagining what the Foxbody Mustang could be. In January 2016, Jason decided to pursue Makers Garage full-time, so he could bring his passion to life.