Mustang 18'' Concave 93 Cobra Style Wheels

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Standard Finish

2 Wheel Sets

Custom Square 4 Wheel Sets

Chrome – Optional Finishes

Chrome – Staggered Width 8.5″ / 9.5″

Satin – Optional Finishes

Satin Gold Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Satin Dark Bronze Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Satin Charcoal MetallicSquare Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Satin Ebony – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
SSP-R Style Satin Ebony – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″

Gloss – Optional Finishes

Gloss White Pearl Sparkle Metallic Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″

Gloss Gold Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Gloss Dark Bronze MetallicSquare Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Gloss Charcoal Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Gloss Tuxedo Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″
Gloss Midnight Blue Metallic – Square Width 8.5″ / 8.5″

Flow Formed Monoblock

wheels are lighter, stronger, and have much greater shock resistance and an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.

Knurled Beads

Reduces slippage between tire and wheel

Serial Numbered

Each wheel will receive a unique number.

Staggered Widths

18"x8.5  &  18"x9.5"

18" Concave Profile

Reimagined 93 Cobra wheel styling with a modern 34mm deep concave spoke.

Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty

2 Year Finish Warranty

Big Brake Kits

Verified to work with most big brake kits

Directional Spokes

Just like the OEM 93 Cobra wheels the Reimagined Classics feature a directional spoke design.

Euro Lip

The Reimagined Classics feature a Euro Style Lip which removes the wheel weight lip creating a smooth, clean, modern look.

Certified and Tested

Meets SAE J2530

Weight Optimized

Spoke pocketing are standard to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for maximum performance and handling

Tailored Fit

Designed to fit 79-04 Mustangs



18″ X 8.5″ (5.75″BS)

18″ X 9.0″ (6.75″BS)

18″ X 9.5″ (6.125″BS)



New ConcaveProfile

The OEM 93 Cobra wheels are a classic in the Foxbody community, and that’s why these favorites heavily inspired the Reimagined Classics. It’s a modern look while still maintaining that “period correct” look. By increasing their footprint, reshaping their lip, and adding a new concave spoke shape, they add an aggressive look to your Foxbody and improves your ride’s visual stance.



I’ve owned my 93 Cobra for nearly two decades and I love it’s authentic look. However,  I really wanted to add flare to my ride with a set of larger more aggressive wheels. I couldn’t bring myself to purchase any of the currently available aftermarket wheels cause I know doing so would sacrifice my cars authentic 93 Cobra styling.  Us 93 Cobra owners already have “93 cobra owner problems” we are always being asked ” is that a clone” So making sure I installed a wheel that stayed true to the ” period correct” look of the OEM styling was important.

For years I played around with the idea of creating a reimagined 93 Cobra wheel with a concave profile that would meet my desire to have a new set of wheels, and while retaining the 93 Cobra style, I created numerous sketches and renderings of my vision and grafted them on to photos of my cars. Then on November 18, 2016, I posted an image to my Instagram of a black GT with a silver GT Carbon Fiber splitter. I posted this image because I want to get feedback on the silver splitter, but not a single comment was made about the splitter. Every comment was about the Reimagined Classics. At that time, the wheels were just an idea, and I had no plans to produce the Reimagined Classics. The excitement of that post is started to journey to bring the Reimagined Classics to life.  Original Instagram Post  

Two years later, after posting that Instagram image, I had the privilege of meeting and talking with industry leaders of the aftermarket wheel industry. Through their guidance and expertise, I was able to evolve my vision for the Reimagined Classics. With hard work and motivation from the Foxbody community, the Reimagined Classics were created.

Euro Lip – The Reimagined Classics feature a Euro Style Lip which removes the wheel weight lip creating a smooth, clean, modern look.

OEM Style Center Cap – The Reimagined Classics Center Cap was designed to be an exact replica and fit to the factory OE 93 Cobra Cap

Staggard Widths and Larger Dia – 18 x 8.5 (5.75″ BS)  | 18 x 9.5 (6.125″ BS)  | 18 x 9.5 (7.25″ BS)


Structural Testing 

The Reimagined Classics wheels meet SAE J2530 standards. They have been properly engineered to ensure maximum performance and structural integrity using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. Each wheel undergoes simulated cornering, radial, and impact testing.

Big Brake Kits

From the start the Reimagined Classics are design to work specifically with the Foxbody chassis. We also wanted our new wheels to work with the most popular brakes kits on the market