Wheel Warranty / Installation Instruction

Welcome to Makers Garage Wheels, and thank you for your support. Please review the provided information. It’s designed to make sure you can enjoy your wheels for many years to come. 


1) Inspect the wheels immediately upon arrival and before mounting tires on wheels. Once tires have been mounted, the wheels cannot be returned or refunded. Verify that the wheels have the correct finish color, bolt pattern, center bore diameter, proper brake caliper clearance, and the proper backspace/offset for your vehicle. THIS INFORMATION MUST BE VERIFIED BEFORE MOUNTING TIRES ON THE WHEELS.

2) Use only tubeless tires consistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. Using tires that do not conform to the vehicle or tire manufacturer’s recommendations may result in serious safety issues related to undersized or oversized fitments. MAKERS GARAGE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage related to incorrect tire sizes such as body panels/trims, vehicle transmission, or other affected areas.

3) Before mounting tires on wheels, the installer must adequately lubricate the tire bead seat area.

4) Mount the tires using only TOUCH FREE tire mounting machines.

5) Use STICK-ON WEIGHTS ONLY. Clip-on weights will damage the wheels, and their use will void your finish Warranty.

6) After the wheels and tires have been placed on the car, perform a short test drive. Re-check all lug nut torque values and ensure they are torqued to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specifications.


1) To keep your wheels looking new, regular cleaning your wheels. In adverse weather climates where salt or chemicals are used on the roads, it is mandatory to maintain your wheels’ finish warranty. Please follow our guidelines:

a) Never use any harsh chemical-based cleaners.

b) Use only mild soap and water with a soft, non-abrasive cloth towel to clean dirt from wheels.

c) Spray-on, hose off type cleaners are strictly prohibited

d) Do not clean the wheels when they are still hot from the operation of the vehicle – allow them to cool completely before attempting even to hose off. Cleaning them out of direct sunlight/shade is highly recommended.

e) You can apply soft paste wax or spray on wax to your wheels to ease maintenance and improve wheel appearance on clear-coated, painted wheels.

3) If minor damage occurs on your wheels, such as light curbing, you can contact a Makers Garage to discuss refinishing options. You can also contact a local wheel repair expert to repair minor damage while still maintaining your Makers Garage Wheels Warranty. Repairs involving light sanding and color correction will retain your Makers Garage Wheels original Warranty. Major sanding or a complete change of color or finish will void finish Warranty

4) To remove wheel center cap. ONLY USE supplied center cap removal tool. Using anything other than the center cap removal tool, such as a screwdriver, will damage the wheel finish and void your Warranty. 


This Warranty is given only to the original purchaser of Makers Garage Wheels and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty work – be sure to keep your original invoice.

Makers Garage makes no other warranty beyond that contained in this writing.

Makers Garage products are warranted to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship for as long as the original purchaser/consumer (deemed to be the date the purchaser/consumer receives the wheels) owns the wheel. The wheel finish is warranted to the original purchaser/consumer for two (2) years from the date of purchase to withstand non-hazardous weather and climatic conditions, non-hazardous paved road conditions, and typical operating temperatures for everyday driving. To maintain the Warranty, only use supplied center cap removal tool. Using anything other than the center cap removal tool, such as a screwdriver, will damage the wheel finish and void your Warranty. 

As a condition of this Limited Warranty, Makers Garage products must be properly installed on the vehicle for which the wheels were intended and manufactured for. Also, the tires that are mounted on the wheels must be proper for the vehicle.


This Warranty does not cover damage to, or any failure of a Makers Garage product caused by wrong use of the wheels, road hazard, or externally caused damage from the following conditions:

1) Refinishing Makers Garage wheels. Repairs done by anyone other than Makers Garage that involves any of these processes will VOID your Warranty. They may undermine the structural integrity of the wheels, causing a safety hazard that may result in injury or death:

a) Refinishing

b) Heating

c) Bending

d) Cutting

e) Welding

2) Unpaved road driving conditions or road hazards; for example, potholes, gravel, road debris, scrap metal, tire remnants, trash, and other road clutter.

3) The failure to properly use the tires which are mounted on the Makers Garage wheels; for example, improper inflation of tires, loading the vehicle beyond its capacity, misalignment of tires and wheels, imbalance of tires and wheels, and/or the use of incorrect tires and wheels.

4) Any kind of impact or abuse resulting from bends/bending of rim parts, collision/impacts, potholes, flat tires, curbing, racing, accident, fire, vandalism or rubbing due to projection from the wheel well.

5) Infrequent or improper cleaning of Makers Garage products will void the finish warranty. Only a mild soap applied with a hose or soft cloth should be used to clean Makers Garage products. Cleaning Makers Garage products with a hard or coarse brush or fabric, chemical-based cleaners, or acid sprays may cause damage the finish that will void the Warranty. Note: Many car washes use acid spray to clean road wheels.

6) Exposure to road salt or other hazardous chemicals used on roadways during inclement weather.

7) The use and installation any type of clip-on weights or other accessories. USE STICK-ON WEIGHTS ONLY.

8) Any damage or failure resulting from your continued use of Makers Garage products after your discovery of a problem.

9) Wheels damaged in transit or by misuse, accident or neglect, or that have been repaired or altered by anyone other than Makers Garage Wheels.


1) Contact Makers Garage at 734-715-0909 to make us aware of your claim. At this time a Repair Number will be issued that must be clearly marked on all shipping materials. NOTE: We must get the warrantied wheel back before it can be warrantied. 

2) Arrange to have the wheels shipped to Makers Garage, 660 Ajax Dr, Madison Heights, MI 48071

3) Include the following items:

a) A copy of the original invoice.

b) A written letter or email explaining the problem you have encountered, the circumstances in which the problem occurred, and the year of the vehicle on which the wheels were initially installed. In addition, include the tire size on which the product was installed at the time of the warranty event occurrence.

4) Upon arrival of the wheels, Makers Garage will inspect them and contact the customer to determine the appropriate course of action.

5) If it is determined that upon inspection of the returned wheel(s), it qualifies under the terms of this Warranty, Makers Garage, will at its own expense, either repair or replace the warranted wheel(s) at its sole discretion.

6) MAKERS GARAGE ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR REMOVING OR RE-INSTALLING THE WHEELS ON THE VEHICLE, LOSS OF VEHICLE USE, LOSS OF TIME, CONVENIENCE OR OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL EXPENSE. Some states do not exclude or limit incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


660 Ajax Dr, Madison Heights, MI 48071