Do the Scuff Plates work with Strut Tower Braces?

It’s hard to say if the Scuff Plates as is will work with every style strut tower brace on the market. If you are not sure if your strut tower brace will work with the Scuff Plates, I recommend purchasing the bare finish scuff plates, this way you can clearance them to fit around your strut tower brace then have them powder coated after you are finished.

What if I don't see a finish I want?

This is why the bare finish Scuff Plate is available for Purchase.  Once you receive the bare finished Scuff Plate in the mail you can either decide to paint or powder coat them in your desired color.

Can the powder coated Scuff Plates scratch?

The scuff plates are not scratch proof, but they are way more resistant to scratches than the paint in your engine bay.  This applies even to the powder coat finish; paint tends to mushroom and chip under pressure where powder coating does not. I think another good way to look at the plates is that they are significantly cheaper to re-coat than to paint an engine bay. If you want to avoid this altogether, the polished plates are probably your best bet.