87-93  Foxbody Mustang LX Splitter & Pinch Weld Covers

Carbon Fiber or ABS/Fiber Glass

Available in 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Splitter/PWC or ABS Splitter /Hand Laid Fiberglass PWC ( Painted in Satin Black)

Handmade in Michigan, USA

Designed by Makers Garage crafted locally in Michigan. (ABS Splitter is created internationally by our preferred vendor)

Custom Design

You won't see this design anywhere else in the market


Automotive OEM style screws

Full Installation Instructions

Detailed instructions with illustrations for full-proof installation

Clean Look

The LX  Splitter and Pinch Weld Cover  are designed to visually tie into the together to add a clean aesthetic  to your Fox.

$499 - $1,099

Plus Shipping

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Notice: Orders shipped to Canada are subjected to import fees. – PLEASE NOTE: ABS Splitters are on backorder and not in stock. Orders will take an average of 8-9 weeks to be shipped from the time of purchase.


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FAQs about The LX Splitter - Pinch Weld Cover Set