87–93 GT/Cobra Fox Body Mustang Carbon Fiber Splitter w/ Undertray



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'87-'90 Original GT Splitter with Undertray - Carbon Fiber

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'91-93 Original GT Splitter with Undertray - Carbon Fiber

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Carbon Fiber

2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric

Handmade in Michigan, USA

Locally produced to maintain utmost quality control, while supporting local business.

Custom Design

You won't see this design anywhere else in the market


Automotive OEM style fasteners and U-nuts

Full Installation Instructions

Detailed instructions with illustrations for full-proof installation

Custom Aluminum Bracket

Created to ensure best performance possible

The Makers Garage ABS GT.Cobra splitter was designed to enhance the look of the GT.Cobra front bumper while maintaining a factory appearance. Inspired by the look of our popular GT. Cobra Splitter and the durability of the ABS LX Splitter. Three significant factors came into play while designing the splitter, did it have the same visual impact as the Carbon Fiber GT.Cobra Splitter design, how easy it was to live with, and was affordable. These factors lead to a design that gives you the looks of a race-style splitter with the daily driven functionality of a chin spoiler.

The provided bracket attaches the splitter to your existing fog light bracket. The bracket stabilizes the underside of the splitter so there is no flex under high speed.

The splitter carries into the wheel well and closes off the area behind the bumper extension. It’s details like this that give your car a tailored look.

Shown in red, the mounting flange is a direct offset of the factory bumper surface, which guarantees a tight tolerance and precise fit. On this flange are 19 pre-drilled mounting points, that attach the splitter to the bumper using provided automotive style u-clips and bolts.


GT.Cobra Splitter Installation instructions


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